COGIT Bangs Layered Cutter 蔻吉特 浏海专用DIY猫咪浏海剪简


COGIT Bangs Layered Cutter

Cut the bangs you care about with a style! It makes DIY hair cutting simple and fun! Comes with a hair pocket to make it easy to clean!

How to use

  1. Comb your hair
  2. Clap the hair with the cutter and slide it down
  3. Hair pocket catches hair! Remove and pour hair 

蔻吉特 猫咪浏海剪简

日本热销! 自己的浏海自己剪,剪发不求人. 一体成型的集发盒,单手就能修浏海. 简单便利设计. 对于手残的人也能轻松上手. 


  1. 梳理头发
  2. 把头发夹入剪简并向下滑动
  3. 把头发口的头发扔掉

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