Cogit Hair Turban 蔻吉特 洗颜发带


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OHEYA Hair Turban

  • Hair traces are difficult to attach.
  • Hair turban of loose material.
  • It is difficult to follow the hair with a tight fitting fit.
  • To the pull the hair away during washing and makeup.
  • It's free size so you can use it for both short hair and long hair.
  • Avoid using it for a long time.
  • Avoid using it during sleep.

Product size: approx. 21 × 12cm, corresponding head circumference: 50-60cm.

How to Use

Use it when washing your hair when washing your face or makeup.

蔻吉特 洗颜发带

  • 使用弹性材料
  • 短发和长发都可以用
  • 适合洗脸或化妆时使用


产品尺寸:约 21×12cm,对应头围:50-60cm


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