COGIT PTPT Blackhead Vacuumer 蔻吉特 PTPT去黑头神器


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COGIT PTPT Blackhead Vacuumer

Small and portable. An easy way to get rid of blackheads fast from your nose and T-zone. Include 2 size of head: one for nose and another one for cheeks and chin. Since the tip is mad by silicone, it is hygienic and can be washed in water.

Product Size:

1 x 1 x 4.9 in (Includes Cap)


Pressing the power button for 5 seconds to turn it on/off (every time pressing the power switch (approx. 1 second) can adjust strength from Mild, Medium, and Strong)


DC3V, AAA Battery 2pcs (Not included)

How to Use:

  1. Remove the cap, press and hold the switch (about 5 seconds) to turn on the power. 
  2. Tapping the nose, T-zone, chin, and other areas where roughness is a concern.
  3. When finished, press and hold the switch (about 5 seconds) to turn off the power. Please keep the cap on

*Please use it after removing your makeup.

*To avoid damaging the skin. Do not leave the head part on the same area.


ABS Resin, Silicone Rubber


蔻吉特 PTPT去黑头神器

小巧便携。 轻松消除鼻子和T区的黑头。 包括2种大小的头:一个用于鼻子,另一个用于脸颊和下巴。 硅胶笔头便于容易清洗,保持卫生。


  1. 取下盖子并按住开关(约5秒钟)打开电源。*每次按下开关(约1秒钟),强度都会以3级(弱,中,强)变化。
  2. 轻放在鼻子,T区,下巴和其他您担心粗糙的区域。
  3. 使用后,按住开关(约5秒钟)以关闭电源。请盖上盖子。




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