Colorgram Artist Formula Auto Brow Pencil (02 Natural Brown) 韩国Colorgram 艺术家配方自动眉筆 (02 自然棕色)


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Colorgram Artist Formula Auto Brow Pencil

A retractable brow pencil features an angled flat-tip crayon to easily shape and shade for polished and refined brows. Includes a spooley brush on the other end so that no hair goes astray.

Key features

  • Comes in 6 shades for variation
  • Has an angled tip to help create both thin and thick lines
  • Comes with a spoolie end for brushing through and softening your brows

    How to Use

    Groom your eyebrows, then gently fill them in strand by strand in the direction of hair growth.

    *Made in Korea

    韩国Colorgram 艺术家配方自动眉筆

    可伸缩眉笔配有倾斜的平头蜡笔,可轻松塑造和遮盖抛光和精致的眉毛。 在另一端包括一根线轴刷,这样头发就不会乱了。


    • 有 6 种色调可供选择
    • 有一个倾斜的尖端,有助于创建细线和粗线
    • 带有一个线轴端,用于梳理和软化眉毛





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