Colorgram Fruity Glass Gloss (#02 Chewy Tangerine) 韩国Colorgram 冰糖葫芦果汁玻璃唇蜜 (#02 耐嚼柑橘) 3g


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Colorgram Fruity Glass Gloss

#02 Chewy Tangerine: Fresh and lively subtle orange color with a hint of redness.
  • Half-clear lip glosses that give lips a glass-like honey glow.
  • High-shine formula with buildable glossiness and pigmentation.
  • Gives a slight plumping effect to make lips appear more voluminous.
  • Suitable to layer on top of lip tints or lipsticks.

How to use

Apply an appropriate amount on lips with the applicator, layer for the desired color and gloss intensity

*Product of Korea

韩国Colorgram 冰糖葫芦果汁玻璃唇蜜

#02 耐嚼柑橘:清新活泼的微妙橙色,带有一丝红色。

    • 半透明唇彩,赋予双唇如玻璃般的蜂蜜光泽。
    • 高光泽配方,具有可叠加的光泽度和色素沉着。
    • 具有轻微的丰盈效果,使双唇显得更加丰盈。
    • 适合涂抹在唇彩或唇膏上。




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