Colorgram Fruity Glass Stick (#02 Darling Papaya) 韩国Colorgram 果汁玻璃唇釉棒 (#02 亲爱的木瓜) 1.8g


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Colorgram Fruity Glass Stick

#02 Darling Papaya: Fresh and sweet bright coral color, suitable for spring light or spring bright skin tones.

  • Juicy and glossy melting balm lip stick that melts on lips softly and leave a high-shine tanghulu-like glow.
  • Easy to use one-touch melting balm without worrying of usage control.
  • Buildale glowiness and pigmentation, color stays clear without darkening when reapplied or layered.

How to Use

Click the bottom button so that about 1mm of product comes out. Apply 2-3 layers for the desired color and glow intensity.

*Product of Korea

韩国Colorgram 果汁玻璃唇釉棒

#02 亲爱的木瓜:清新甜美的亮珊瑚色,适合春光或春亮肤色。

  • 多汁、有光泽的融化唇膏,轻轻融化在双唇上,留下糖葫芦般的高光泽光泽。
  • 易于使用的一键式融化膏,无需担心使用控制。
  • 打造光泽度和色素沉着,重新涂抹或分层时颜色保持清晰,不会变暗。

单击底部按钮,使约 1 毫米的产品出来。 涂抹 2-3 层以获得所需的颜色和发光强度。



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