Colorgram Fruity Glass Tint (#05 Sweet Persimmon) 韩国Colorgram 冰糖葫芦果汁玻璃唇釉 (#05 甜柿子) 3g


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Colorgram Fruity Glass Tint

  • Provides long-lasting color and glow.
  • Provides 500% glow along with sweet juicy shades.
  • The subtle glow is immediately shown right after application, and once you smack your lips you’ll get dewy sheen.
  • Provides vivid color and glow as you reapply.
  • The glow tint results in long-lasting color on your lips.
  • Featured ingredients
  • Perfectly adheres on lips for vivid pigmentation and long-lasting glow.

How to use

1. Apply a tint first.
2. Complete pretty overlined lips by further applying lip gloss on the lip line, cupid’s bow, and middle of the lower lip.

*Product of Korea

韩国Colorgram 冰糖葫芦果汁玻璃唇釉

  • 提供持久的色彩和光泽。
  • 提供 500% 的光泽以及甜美多汁的色调。
  • 涂抹后立即显现出微妙的光泽,一旦您咂嘴,您就会获得水润的光泽。
  • 重新涂抹时可呈现鲜艳的色彩和光泽。
  • 光泽色调可为您的双唇带来持久的色彩。
  • 特色成分
  • 完美贴合双唇,呈现生动色素和持久光泽。

2. 在唇线和下唇中部进一步涂抹唇彩,打造漂亮的双唇轮廓。



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