Colorgram Juicy Blur Tint 03 First Class Apple 韩国Colorgram 果汁雾面唇釉 03 苹果


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Colorgram Juicy Blur Tint

[SEMI-MATTE & SEMI-GLOSSY] Blurring lip tint featuring adhesive formula with highly pigmented colors, leaving your lips smooth and velvety.

[WEIGHTLESS] Lip stain with thin layer and light-weighted and extra light formula is easily blendable and buildable, creating the perfect, seamless, customized color of your choice.

[CONVENIENT] Non-sticky, sheer lip tint has a spoon-like tip which makes it super easy and convenient to apply. It is formulated with a wide range of vivid colors that complements every complexion.

[LONG-LASTING] Colorgram's lip tint is long-wearing, non-drying, and transfer-proof. Its intense staining power naturally stains your lips and stays all day, providing you with vitality.

[CRUELTY-FREE] Both the final product and the ingredients are NOT tested on animals.

How to Use

Apply an appropriate amount on lips and gently blend the edges to soften the lip line.

韩国Colorgram 果汁雾面唇釉 

[半哑光和半光泽] 模糊唇彩采用粘性配方,色彩浓郁,让您的双唇光滑柔嫩。

[轻盈] 唇彩具有薄层和轻盈超轻配方,可轻松混合和叠加,打造出您选择的完美、无缝、定制的色彩。

[方便] 不粘腻、透明的唇彩具有勺子状尖端,使用起来超级简单方便。 它采用多种鲜艳色彩配制而成,适合各种肤色。

[持久] Colorgram 唇彩持久、不干燥且防转移。 其强烈的染色力自然地染色您的双唇并保持一整天,为您提供活力。

[0残忍] 最终产品和成分均未在动物身上进行测试。




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