Colorgram Milk Bling Glitter Liner (#01 Silver Tear) 韩国Colorgram 闪亮眼影液笔 (#01 银色之泪) 0.6g


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Colorgram Milk Bling Glitter Liner

#01 Silver Tear: shiny silver look

The Milk Bling Glitter Liner by Colorgram adds the right amount of sparkle to your makeup look! The thin brush allows for precise application and the long-lasting formula ensures it stays on all day.

  • Golden silver glitter
  • For a silvery, teary look with the dazzling pearls
  • Features a high-elastic brush for drawing of delicate lines
  • Long-lasting and adheres well
How to Use
  1. Shake the eyeliner 2-3 times before using and remove makeup residue on the brush to avoid clumping.
  2. Can be used on corners of the eye, eyebrows, undereyes, nose tip, and cupid's bow to add volume or highlight.
*Product of Korea

韩国Colorgram 闪亮眼影液笔

#01 银色之泪:闪亮的银色外观

韩国Colorgram 闪亮眼影液笔为您的妆容增添适量的光泽! 纤细的刷子可以精确涂抹,持久的配方确保其保持一整天。

  • 金银色闪光
  • 打造银色泪光妆容,搭配耀眼的珍珠
  • 配有高弹性刷子,可绘制细腻的线条
  • 持久且附着力好


  1. 使用前将眼线笔摇晃2-3次,并清除刷子上的化妆品残留物,以免结块。
  2. 可用于眼角、眉毛、黑眼圈、鼻尖和丘比特弓,以增加体积或提亮。



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