Colorgram Milk Bling Heartlighter 02 Pink Heart 韩国Colorgram 心心印章闪亮高光 02 粉红心 2.2g


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Colorgram Milk Bling Heartlighter

COLORGRAM Milk Bling Heartlighter is a beautiful Korean beauty highlighter that brings a pop of colour and glow to your complexion. It's user friendly, portable so you can bring it anywhere and it's super cute!

It's unique heart shape stamp design allows for a diverse range of applications across all areas of the face including cheekbones, forehead and narrow areas like the chin and bridge of nose.

How to Use

Apply with brush or hand to forehead, cheekbones, bridge of nose etc.

韩国Colorgram 心心印章闪亮高光

一款美丽的韩国美容高光,可为您的肤色带来流行色彩和光泽。 它用户友好、便携,因此您可以将它带到任何地方,而且超级可爱!





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