Colorgram Pin Point Eyeshadow Palette 03 Pink+ Lavender 韩国Colorgram 爱心12色眼影盘 03 粉色+薰衣草 9.9g


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Colorgram Pin Point Eyeshadow Palette

[DAILY EYE MAKEUP] Experience the True Beauty with Colorgram eyeshadow palette with silky smooth formula that blends easily for romantic, daily makeup.

[EASY-TO-USE] Comes with a "calculator" design with matte, sheer, glittery, sparkly, natural colors. Add (+), deduct (-) and equal (=) different colors to create the right combination to suit your mood.

[LONG LASTING] Long-wearing, fallout-free, smudge-proof eyeshadow glides on effortlessly lasting all day with vibrant versatility.

[HIGH QUALITY] Professional level makeup palette featuring 12 highly pigmented shadows that glide onto lids for a seamless look.

[CRUELTY-FREE] Both the final product and the ingredients are NOT tested on animals.

PLUFFY: Soft and clear silver point glitter
ELFIN: Fairy-like point lavender glitter
PINK LIT: Multi-use refreshing and clear matte-cool pink base
SPRINKLE: Glowing pink-beam purple pink glitter
PEONY BERRY: Vivid and cool plum berry pink for point shade
SHADY: Light grey brown shade for contour
PINK CLOUD: Cloudy-like delicate pink shimmery glitter
CUDDLE PINK: Delicate light pink base
LAVENDER MINUTE: Light lavender shade with unique mood
PINKEST: Clear and high chroma lavender pink
ROSE HAZE: Half-toned down ash rose shade
FULL MOON: Deep dark brown like night sky

Use your hands or a brush to take a moderate amount of the content and spread it evenly.

韩国Colorgram 爱心12色眼影盘

[日常眼妆] Colorgram 眼影盘体验真正的美丽,其丝滑配方可轻松融合,打造浪漫的日常妆容。

[易于使用] 采用“计算器”设计,具有哑光、透明、闪光、闪亮、自然的色彩。 添加 (+)、减去 (-) 和等于 (=) 不同的颜色,以创建适合您心情的正确组合。

[持久] 持久、不脱妆、防晕染眼影,轻松持久一整天,充满活力的多功能性。

[高品质] 专业级化妆调色板,具有 12 种高度显色的眼影,可滑到眼睑上,打造无缝妆容。

[0残忍] 最终产品和成分均未在动物身上进行测试。

[03 粉色+薰衣草=爱]
PINK LIT:多用途清爽清透哑光酷粉色打底
PEONY BERRY:鲜艳凉爽的李子浆果粉色,适合点色
PINK CLOUD:云状细腻粉红色闪光
CUDDLE PINK:精致的浅粉色底色
LAVENDER MINUTE:淡淡的薰衣草色调,具有独特的氛围
ROSE HAZE:半色调灰玫瑰色调
FULL MOON:如夜空般的深棕色




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