Colorgram Re-Forming Flushed Blusher 03 I Was A Rose 韩国Colorgram 单色哑光腮红 03 玫瑰 5g


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Colorgram Re-Forming Flushed Blusher

[DAILY MAKEUP] Discover your shining beauty with Colorgram face blusher with optimal ratio of powder and high oil binder that smoothens out skin texture for a seamless look. Enjoy pink shades that are silky, smooth, and blendable for a rosy, natural look that complements your skin tone.

[RADIANT BLUSH] Richly pigmented and highly buildable matte, yet non-dry blush that glides on effortlessly for fresh-faced, romantic, daily makeup for all skin types and skin tones. This blush also doubles as a highlighter, giving your cheekbones a natural, radiant glow.

[LONG LASTING] Professional level blusher that is long-wearing, fallout-free, smudge-proof, lasting all day for flawless, radiant skin. Its buildable and blendable formula allows you to achieve your desired level of color intensity without any streaks or patchiness.

[EASY-TO-USE] Easy-to-apply soft powder type blush that adds a natural shimmer for natural, vibrant skin. Mix & match multiple shades to create your personalized perfect complexion. With its natural finish and buildable coverage, it's the perfect addition to your daily makeup routine.

[CRUELTY-FREE] Both the final product and the ingredients are NOT tested on animals.

How to Use

For a vivid color, apply the content on your fingertips, tap it on the area that needs vitality, and then blend softly.
※ Wedge puff also works!
For a more original look, use the brush for blush to build up color by repeatedly brushing the cheekbones in a circular motion.

韩国Colorgram 单色哑光腮红

[日常化妆] 使用 Colorgram 面部腮红,发现您的闪亮之美,该腮红采用最佳粉末比例和高油性粘合剂,可平滑肌肤纹理,打造无缝妆容。 享受丝滑、顺滑且可晕染的粉色色调,打造玫瑰色、自然的妆容,与您的肤色相得益彰。

[光泽腮红] 色彩丰富、高度可上妆的哑光而不干燥腮红,可轻松上妆,打造适合所有肤质和肤色的清新、浪漫的日常妆容。 这款腮红还可兼作荧光笔,为您的颧骨带来自然、容光焕发的光泽。

[持久] 专业级腮红,持久、不脱妆、防晕染,持久一整天,打造完美无瑕、容光焕发的肌肤。 其可叠加和可混合的配方可让您达到所需的色彩强度,而不会出现任何条纹或斑点。

[易于使用] 易于涂抹的柔软粉末型腮红,为自然、充满活力的肌肤增添自然光泽。 混合搭配多种色调,打造您个性化的完美肤色。 凭借其自然的妆容和可叠加的遮盖力,它是您日常化妆的完美补充。

[0残忍] 最终产品和成分均未在动物身上进行测试。


※ 楔形粉扑也有效!


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