Colorgram Sebum Retouching Blur Pact 韩国Colorgram 多巴胺定妆粉饼 6.5g


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Colorgram Sebum Retouching Blur Pact

blurring blur pact no sebum free pressed powder

blur pact pressed powder pore cover luminous soft ofcus pink powder

pressed poreless powder blurring pact

luminous soft focus finish fine  lines imperfections correction blurring pact pressed powder

pink powder pact pressed powder blurring brightening
  • Colorgram offers facial pressed powder retouching and controlling long-lasting sebum/oil/shine for natural, poreless-looking finish, perfect for romantic, daily makeup.
  • Light-weighted setting powder, providing blurring, soft-focus finish and help smoothen the appearance of fine lines.
  • Professional level face pressed powder that control shine for flawless, natural makeup.
  • Finish off with Colorgram's wide range of eye and lip makeups for daily to party looks.
  • Both the final product and the ingredients are NOT tested on animals.

How to Use

Use a puff or a brush to apply the appropriate amount and spread it out gently.

*Product of Korea

韩国Colorgram 多巴胺定妆粉饼

  • Colorgram 提供面部压粉修饰和控制持久的皮脂/油脂/光泽,打造自然、无毛孔的妆容,非常适合浪漫的日常妆容。
  • 轻盈定妆粉,提供模糊、柔焦效果,有助于抚平细纹。
  • 专业级粉饼,可控制光泽,打造完美、自然的妆容。
  • 最后以 Colorgram 的各种眼妆和唇妆打造完美妆容,适合日常妆容和派对妆容。
  • 最终产品和成分均未在动物身上进行测试。





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