Colorgram Thunderbolt Over Blur Tint (04 Own Red) 韩国Colorgram 柔焦保湿哑光唇釉 (04 自己的红)


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Colorgram Thunderbolt Over Blur Tint

An iconic, smudge-proof lip that gives lightweight, long-lasting, vivid & bright color and a natural-looking finish.

Key features

  • This blurry and matte-finishing type lip tint provides meticulous colors and quickly-drying texture that looks vivid and bright yet is long-lasting.
  • The dense yet soft texture of the lip tint applicator allows long-lasting tint wear and the best angle for quick and easy application of amazing colors.

How to Use

Pick an appropriate amount and glide the tip evenly over the lips.

*Made in Korea

韩国Colorgram 柔焦保湿哑光唇釉



  • 雾面哑光唇彩,色泽细腻,质地速干,色泽鲜艳亮丽,妆效持久。
  • 唇彩涂抹器质地致密而柔软,可实现持久的唇彩磨损和最佳角度,可快速轻松地涂上令人惊叹的色彩。




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