Colours Argelan Balancing Moist Deep Treatment 220g 天然无硅深层保湿护发发膜


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Organic moist concentrated hair mask that replenishes hair that is dry and worried with organic plant oils and essential oils. Organic grape seed oil and rosemary essential oil penetrate the hair and balance it, while sweet almond oil keeps it moist. To healthy and supple hair.

Grapeseed Rosemary - Moist Hair Mask

Natural Fragrance of: Bergamot Clary Sage 

■ Organic grape seed oil 
Grape seed oil extracted by cold pressing contains linoleic acid. The smooth texture penetrates lightly and penetrates into supple hair.
Grape seed oil

■ Organic rosemary essential oil 
French rosemary essential oil extracted by steam distillation contains 1,8 cineole. Penetrates the inside of the hair and gives it a gentle, smooth hair.
Rosemary oil

■ Organic sweet almond oil 
Oil extracted from the seeds of sweet almonds grown in a mild climate in Spain contains oleic acid. The moisture is confined to dry hair, and the hair becomes smooth.
Almond oil

■ Patch tested
It doesn't mean that no stimulus will happen to everyone.

■ Silicon, parabens, petroleum-based surfactants, synthetic colorants, mineral oil, animal raw materials are not used
The color of the contents is due to natural ingredients.


  • Aroma based on organic bergamot essential oil and clary sage essential oil
  • A refreshing citrus herbal note scented based on carefully selected essential oils
  • Developed based on Algerian strict organic cosmetics standards.
  • 5 In-house standards
  • Replenish moisture to dry hair. Lead to healthy and supple hair

Usage and dosage

  • Lightly drain after shampooing, apply an appropriate amount to the entire hair, centering on the tip of the hair, leave for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. If you are particularly worried about dryness, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.
  • As a special care, we recommend using 2-3 times a week.





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