Colours Argelan Balancing Moist Hair Oil 60ml 日本Argelan 葡萄籽精油平衡滋润护发精油


Organic Moist Hair Oil from organic vegetable oil gives moisture to hair . Organic grape seed oil and sunflower oil penetrate into the hair well and rise up moisture. Rosemary essential oil keeps balance. To a healthy and silky hair.

• Organic Grape Seed Oil extracted by cold pressing method. Penetrates slowly and spreads to supple hair with smooth texture.
• Organic Sunflower Oil, which extracted from the sunflower seed cultivated in France, gives moisture by penetrating inside the dried hair. Create beautiful and silky hair.
• French Organic Rosemary Essential Oil extracted by steam distillation method. Penetrate into the inside and creates smooth hair.
• Patch tested. Allergy tested.
• Do not use silicon, parabens, petroleum-based surfactants, artificial coloring, mineral oil, raw materials from animal.

Refreshing citrus hermal notes based on carefully selected Organic Bergamot Oil and Clary Sage Oil.


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