Colours Argelan Damage Repair Hair Oil Deep Treatment 220g 天然无硅深层修复滋润护理发膜


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An organic oil-intensive hair mask that hermetically repairs damaged hair that is damaged by Gokujun plant oil.
Organic golden jojoba oil protects hair cuticles, macadamia nut oil and geranium essential oil penetrate firmly and contain moisture to repair damage.
For shiny and moist hair.

■ Organic golden jojoba oil 
Golden jojoba oil extracted by the cold pressing method contains wax esters that are also present in human skin. It coats the cuticle that has been damaged and spreads, protecting the hair by trapping moisture well.
Jojoba seed oil

■ Organic macadamia nut oil 
Oil extracted from Australian macadamia nuts contains palmitoleic acid. It fills damaged hair with moisture, repairs it, prevents dryness and dryness, and makes it smooth and coherent.
Macadamia seed oil

■ Organic geranium essential oil 
Geranium essential oil extracted by steam distillation method contains citronellol and geraniol. While moisturizing the hair and repairing the damage, it will make your hair look smooth and smooth.

■ Patch tested
It doesn't mean that no stimulus will happen to everyone.

■ Silicon, parabens, petroleum-based surfactants, synthetic colorants, mineral oil, animal raw materials are not used
The color of the contents is due to natural ingredients.


  • Aroma based on organic damask rose essential oil and juniper essential oil
  • A mellow green floral note based on carefully selected essential oils
  • Developed based on Algerian strict organic cosmetics standards * 5.
  • Contains moisture and repairs damage. Lead to shiny and moist hair





※1 ホホバ種子油
※2 マカデミア種子油
※3 ニオイテンジクアオイ油
■シリコン、パラベン、石油系界面活性剤、合成着色料※4、鉱物油、動物原料 不使用
※4 中身の色は天然成分によるものです。


※5 自社基準



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