CONCOR Clip & Hang Air Freshener 2pcs (Clear Horizon) 日本CONCOR 户外车用扩香夹 2枚 (清澈地平线)


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CONCOR Clip & Hang Air Freshener 2pcs 
Clear Horizon
No matter where you go, you can move forward with a refreshing fragrance.

Top:Lemon, lime, aldehyde notes
Middle:Geranium, pineapple, lemon
  • Create your own leisure space
  • Can be used in cars, electric fans, and handheld fans
  • Naturally fresh, the fragrance can last for 2-4 weeks
  • Exclusive Japanese design, fashionable fragrance space
How to use:

Instructions for use: Take out the fragrance ring and put it into the inner box, install the fixing clip, and insert the inner box into the round cover.

Then turn it clockwise until you hear a click sound and insert it firmly into the air outlet position.

*Turn counterclockwise to take out the inner box and replace the fragrance ring

*The aroma lasts for about 1 month (the degree of evaporation depends on different environmental influences)
日本CONCOR 户外车用扩香夹
  • 打造专属你的休闲空间
  • 车内、电风扇、手持风扇都可使用
  • 自然清新,香气可维持2-4周
  • 日本独家设计,时尚香味空间


使用方法: 将香氛圈取出并放入内盒,将固定夹装上,内盒插入圆盖内,





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