Cow 牛乳石碱

COW Bouncia Premium Moist Body Soap (Refill) 牛乳石碱 高級保湿沐浴露 (替换装) 340ml


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COW Bouncia Premium Moist Body Soap

  • Even though it washes off quickly, the skin is left moisturized.
  • The newly developed high-quality moisturizing formula contains ceramide, which can produce moisturizing, smooth and dense foam without burdening the skin, and the skin is soft and moisturized after washing.
  • Although it washes off quickly, it keeps skin moisturized even after shower.

*Made in Japan

牛乳石碱 高級保湿沐浴露

  • 新手感。即使它可以快速洗掉,但皮肤还是湿润的。
  • 新开发的优质保湿配方含有神经酰胺,可产生滋润、光滑、致密的泡沫,不会对皮肤造成负担,洗后肌肤柔软滋润。
  • 虽然可以快速洗掉,但即使在沐浴后也能保持肌肤滋润。



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