Cow 牛乳石碱

COW Gyunyu Additive-Free Foam Body Wash 550ml 牛乳石碱 无添加保湿泡沫使沐浴露


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  • Newly formulated ceramide (moisturizing ingredient)
  • Additive-free, low-stimulation prescription for delicate skin
  • Colorant, fragrance, paraben and other preservatives, quality stabilizers, alcohol> No additive
  •  Carefully selected materials
  • Low-stimulation formula
  • Small children Can also be used for delicate skin.
  • Skin allergy tested ※ ※ It does not mean that allergies do not occur to everyone.
  • Comes with a soap-derived natural soap component that does not rub with bare hands, and a natural amino acid-based cleansing component that is gentle on the skin.
  • Lots of creamy foam that spreads out, so you can gently wash it with your bare hands without rubbing your skin.

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