Creer Beaute 凡尔赛

CREER BEAUTE La Rose De Versailles Face Mask (1pc) 凡尔赛玫瑰面膜


COSME大赏推荐 同时上榜的还有SKII和LANCOME~效果绝对不输大牌 超及多网红推荐 三层式构造的纤维面膜材质 含蔷薇水及美容业成分 渗透肌肤底层 让肌肤犹如女神般透明润泽白皙

金色 浸润透亮弹力保湿
红色 深层保湿 

  • Moist: The rose of Versailles princess Antoinette face mask (red rose)  1. keep skin moisturized: contain colloidal platinum, royal jelly extract other plant extracts to moisturized your skin. 2. Gentle on your skin contains hyaluronic acid to protect your skin. the eye area has been customize specially for your eye. the mask is paraben free  3. ensure maximum absorption of serum. the three layered structure mask use adhesive and wrap well on your skin to ensure beauty serum penetrate your skin deeply .
  • Gold: contact element of the popular gold" is further increased the power mixed with moisture mask "contact". Pomegranate flower extract, camellia flower extract plant extract formulation on several other luxuries. Plenty hydrated, so carry on the fine and smooth skin solid leads to shine. Hyaluronic acid. The mineral oil-free alcohol-free formula to gently penetrate the skin cosmetic composition.

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