D.UP Eyelash Secret Line Air Series 931 Cute 日本DUP 假睫毛


"Cute Eyes". D-UP Eyelash Secret Line "AIR". Incredibly Light like "Air" and Amazingly Soft Eyelashes. Collaborated with Japanese fashion model Aiku Maikawa. Feathery light eyelashes you can hardly feel them on your eyes just like “AIR”. "Cute Eyes Style Air", real-like lashes, reusable, light-weighted. 

Created by Japanese supermodel Aiku Maikawa! These D-UP falsies as light as air!
This line of false eyelashes feel light and fluffy.
They are so delicate and light that they are perfect for those who prefer natural makeup

  • Sophisticated adult cuteness
  • The hair bundle that emphasizes the length makes the eye frame look larger
  • Cute eyes
  • Super Weighing !! Soft fine hair "Fine 0.05mm"


  • False eyelashes · · · 2 pairs
  • Instruction manual (Japanese)
  • Adhesives are sold separately

DUP アイラッシュ シークレットラインエア 931 キュート


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