D.UP Eyelash Secret Line Series 921 Cute 日本DUP 假睫毛Secret Line 系列


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D.U.P Secret Line Eyelashes: Stunning false eyelashes for an elegant & three-dimensional curly look. With high quality fiber, it blends naturally with real lashes. It is soft and comfortable to wear, creating charming big eyes. Could be used repeatedly 3-6 times if appropriate. Created from quality synthetic fibers. The lashes can extend your every single eyelashes in a very natural way. The length of these eyelashes are made within 1cm to help you to create a natural looking. Especially suitable for school girls and OL who carry simple makeup!

"Cute Eyes Style". D-UP Eyelash Secret Line Selections. Collaborated with Japanese fashion model "Aiku Maikawa”. D-UP false eyelashes deliver the volume and length you want in seconds. Quickly highlight and give your eyes a great impression. A Wide range of styles are offered for every mood and occasion. "Cute Eyes Style", real-like lashes, reusable

How to use

  • Trim the lashes to a proper length according to your own judgment.
  • Loosen the lashes band gently in order to fit the curve of your eyelids.
  • Apply eyelash glue sparingly to lash band, wait a few seconds for adhesive to become sticky.
  • You may place the eyelashes on your eyelids as close as possible to the line of your own eyelashes.
  • Apply mascara before or after wearing eyelashes if desired.



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