D.UP Eyelashes Glue Series 日本D.UP系列假睫毛胶

Eyelashes Fixer EX 553

The Best Selling and Most Popular False Eyelash Adhesive in JapanD-UP Eyelashes Fixer EX 553 (Black type) is super strong glue for false eyelashes and one of most loved eyelash adhesives in JAPAN. It will stick safely and firmly to your eyelids throughout the day up to 24 hours. 553 is black color that blends easily with black eyeliners!

D-UP Eyelashes Glue Super Fit 501 (Rubber type) is rubber-latex -based super strong eyelash glue. This special formula bonds false eyelashes comfortably and makes it easy to remove the glue residues from the false eyelashes after use.

D-UP Eyelashes Glue Super Hard 502 Strong and quick finish brush-on adhesive. Easy to attach and long lasting.



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