D-UP Lash Beaute Megumi Kanzaki series #03 Eyelashes 日本D-UP神崎惠系列#03假睫毛


Product Feature:

Thinnest lashes with soft invisible lash band will blend into your eyes just like your real lashes. Secret little charm to make dainty eyelashes and loving look on your face. 

How to Use:

  1. Cut the lash band to size if needed.
  2. Apply a small amount of adhesive (D-UP EYELASHES FIXER EX 552 is recommended) along the base of false eyelash using the brush attached on the adhesive cap.
  3. Wait for 30-60 seconds until the adhesives color changes from bluish/greenish white to clear. Make sure the adhesive is dry and tacking when you attach the false eyelash to your eyelid.
    Tip: *If you attach the false eyelash before the adhesive has dried to a tacky finish, the false eyelash will not stick to your eyelid and easily fall off.
  4. Apply the false eyelash to the base of your natural lashes.
  5. Attach from the center part first and smooth out to both ends softly.
  6. Press the false eyelash and your original lashes together gently to blend in and achieve a natural look.
  7. When removing, gently hold the outer hair tip of false eyelish and slowly peel off from the tail of eye.
  8. Store the false eyelashes in tray or case.





  1. 调整睫毛尺寸 - 将假睫毛与你的睫毛线对齐,可按情况裁剪多余部分。
  2. 涂上胶水 - 沿着假睫毛根部轻轻涂上胶水,等待30秒。
  3. 贴上假睫毛 - 眼睛向下看,对准睫毛边际,按照正中间,眼尾,眼角的顺序贴上。
  4. 完成 - 趁胶水未干透,用手指调整好角度即可。



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