D-UP Perfect Extension Mascara (Black) 9g 日本D-UP 纤细增长睫毛膏 (黑色)


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D-UP Perfect Extension for Curl Mascara (Black)

No smudges all day and easy to remove with warm water! Make your eyelashes dramatically long and separate with just one coat.

Length ★★★★★

Volume ★★★★

Curl ★★★

Finest long and separate mascara to make super-long beautiful thick eyelashes. Amazingly smooth to apply with no flakes, clumps or smudges. Strong resistance toward tears, sweat and water.

  • Strong resistance to sweat, sebum, and tears.
  • Smudge-proof. Keeps beautiful lashes all day long.
  • Does not smudge or ruin lashes when rubbed. Easily washed off with warm water.
  • Gentle to eyelashes.
  • Formulated with 10 kinds of Beauty Serum

How to Use

  1. Curl up eyelashes with lash curler.
  2. Sweep your eyelashes upwards with the mascara brush, starting from outer lashes to inner side.
  3. Apply the second layer if necessary.

    日本D-UP 轻盈卷翘睫毛膏 (黑色)

    全天无污迹,可用温水轻松清除! 使您的睫毛显着长而仅需涂上一层即可分开。




    可打造超长美丽浓密的睫毛,无污迹,效果极佳。 对眼泪,汗水和水分有很强的抵抗力。


    1. 用睫毛夹卷曲睫毛。
    2. 从睫毛外侧到内侧,用睫毛膏刷向上扫睫毛。
    3. 如有必要,应用第二层。

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