D-UP Super Fit Gel Liner (Black) 日本D-UP 防水极细速干眼线胶笔 (浓黑) 0.1g


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D-UP Super Fit Gel Liner (Black)

Gel pencil eyeliner with amazingly smooth application. Gives you the ultimate control for drawing a perfect line. Extremely waterproof. Strong resistance against tear, sweat, and sebum. Easy to draw a sharp line with 2mm super fine eyeliner tip.

  • Ideal for creating both thick and thin lines
  • Strong resistance to water, sweat and sebum
  • 5 kinds of beauty serums
  • Dries just in few seconds after application. No mess.
  • Washable by face wash. No colorants will remain on your skin.

    How to Use

    1. Apply gel pencil eyeliner as close as possible to the lash line.
    2. Make a series of small dashes, instead of one straight line across, to give you more control of the eyeliner.
    3. Connect all dashes by filling in the gaps to create the ideal finish.

      日本D-UP 防水极细速干眼线胶笔 (浓黑)


      • 非常适合粗和细眼线
      • 对水、汗和皮脂有很强的抵抗力
      • 含有5种保湿美容液
      • 几秒即可快速干透。 
      • 可以用普通洗脸奶卸除。 


      1. 于眼睫毛根部从眼中至眼尾以左右来回方式,画出眼尾1/3的眼线。
      2. 再从眼头画至眼中连接到后部1/3的眼线,若想加强眼线宽度可重复描绘2~3次。

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