DAILY AROMA JAPAN Yuzu Body Scrub 350G


Body scrub scented of yuzu fruit (※ 1) from Kochi Prefecture.

Brings smooth skin with Setouchi salt and moisturizing ingredients.

Contains Yuzu essential oil (* 1) extracted by steam distillation using water from Shimantogawa. It is characterized by a pleasant refreshing scent. The gentle Setouchi salt gently remove dead skin cells  and moisturizes with the plant-derived moisturizing ingredients of shea butter (* 2) and six types of vegetable oil (* 3), leading to smooth skin.

高知県産YUZU* 1 Yuzu peel oil (flavoring ingredient)

* 2 shea butter

* 3 olive fruit oil / grape seed oil / rice sprout oil / jojoba seed oil / avocado oil / camellia seed oil


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