DAILY AROMA Sakura Reed Diffuser 120ml 日本DAILY AROMA 樱花扩香香薰 120ml


DAILY AROMA Sakura Reed Diffuser 

The soft aroma of fresh and slightly sweet cherry blossoms spreads from fruity to floral. In addition to Yoshino cherry blossom leaf extract and Sato cherry blossom extract, which are moisturizing ingredients derived from cherry blossoms, we have also blended "Tokyo Toshima Tsubaki oil" and "Argan oil.

Plant-derived deodorant ingredients like Phytoncide (Cypress Essential Oil) and Coccus (Eucalyptus Essential Oil) eliminate odor-causing ingredients to keep your room comfortable. Fresh and slightly sweet cherry blossom fragrance.
Even though it can be placed anywhere, the fragrance lasts for a long time. Scent lasts approximately 2 to 2.5 months (depending on usage and season). You can enjoy aroma changes from fruity to floral.

Open the diffuser cap and insert the aromatherapy stick. The aromatherapy stick absorbs the oil and gently diffuses the fragrance in the room. The lid is tightly closed. Please hold the main body firmly and open slowly to avoid oil spillage.
The scent will last about 2-2.5 months, depending on the number of aroma sticks and the environment of the room. Also, if you feel the smell is weak, please turn the stick upside down.

*Made in Japan

日本DAILY AROMA 樱花扩香香薰 


即使是可以放置在任何地方,香味也能持续很长时间。香味持续时间约为 2 至 2.5 个月(取决于使用环境和季节)。您可以享受从果香到花香的香气变化。

香味将持续约 2-2.5 个月,具体取决于香薰棒的数量和房间的环境。另外,如果您觉得气味微弱,请将香薰棒倒置。



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