Daily Aroma Snow Water For Shirt (Strong Ice Citrus) 日本Daily Aroma 雪水冷感衣物喷雾 (强冰柑桔) 350ml


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Snow water

Daily Aroma Snow Water For Shirt (Strong Ice Citrus)

A powerful ultra-cold type with an increased amount of cool ingredients! Triple deodorant of aging odor, sweat odor, and sock odor that are worrisome in the hot season! It contains mainly plant-derived deodorant ingredients such as the patented eucalyptus essential oil Globble , green tea extract, and persimmon astringent extract. It is also recommended for commuting in the hot season, for etiquette after exercise, and when you want to refresh yourself. "Ice Citrus" with carefully selected citrus blend essential oil has a cool and refreshing scent.

日本Daily Aroma 雪水冷感衣物喷雾 (强冰柑桔) 

冰凉成分增加的强力超冷型! 炎热季节令人烦恼的体味、汗味、袜子味的三重除臭剂! 含有专利的桉树精油Globble、绿茶提取物、柿子涩提取物等植物来源的除臭成分。 也推荐用于炎热季节的通勤,运动后的除臭以及想要提神的时候。 严选柑橘混合精油的“冰柑”,散发清凉清爽的香气。


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