Daisy Doll by Mary Quant

Daisy Doll by Mary Quant Color Correcting primer #Lavender 30g 日本Daisy Doll by Mary Quant肤色修饰打底霜 薰衣草紫色款


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Product Feature:

SPF36 PA+++ / Clearer skin + Brighter skin

A skin-tone-up primer that conceals pore irregularities and leaves the skin looking radiant and translucent. A high-adhesion composition that moves with the skin while hydrating with sodium hyaluronate (moisturizing ingredient), increasing the foundation's longevity. This primer will moisturize your skin while also reducing the appearance of pores and making it glow from inside. Your foundation will last longer because to the increased adhesive composition.

Gives a clear translucent appearance to your skin.
Lavender balances out yellow tones (as it's a complementary colour), so makes your skin look less dull.

How to Use:

Apply face primer before foundation using as small dime-sized droplet and evenly distribute onto the skin.



致力于打造芭比娃娃般精致妆容的Daisy Doll系列之肤色修饰打底霜。可以提亮均匀肤色的同时,遮盖毛孔并呈现平滑透亮的效果。配方中含有丰富的美肤保湿成分,可使肌肤保持水润并预防后续妆容斑驳卡纹。





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