Daisy Doll by Mary Quant

Daisy Doll by Mary Quant Face Powder #02 Pink Ochre 10g 日本Daisy Doll by Mary Quant定妆蜜粉饼


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Product Feature:

With a single application, this face powder flattens pores that tend to open, leaving your skin smooth and flawless. It maintains your skin smooth and matte even when you're worried about shine, prevents makeup from slipping off, and moisturizes your skin without making it dry. PA +++ / SPF25

How to Use:

Simply puff the powder over your foundation or makeup base for long-lasting, locked-in coverage.



致力于打造芭比娃娃般精致妆容的Daisy Doll系列定妆蜜粉饼。有效遮盖粗大毛孔,吸附多余油脂的同时给予皮肤顺滑无暇的哑光妆效。附带防晒SPF25及PA+++指数。





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