DARIYA Bangs Guard Magic Sheet Hair Tape 2PCS [2 Colors] 可爱刘海魔法贴


It is a cute ribbon-type sheet type hair damper.
It is soft and firmly fixed so that no swelling or swelling is left on the bangs.
At the time of make-up and face-wash, it just sticks to jammed hair.


  • Please do not use for purposes other than holding the hair.
  • Please be careful not to damage your skin at the edge of the sheet.
  • There are fine parts on the function of the product, so it may be irritating if it is strongly pressed on your skin or scalp or rubbing it.
  • Please refrain from using if you feel stimulation.
  • Because there is fear of damage, please refrain from washing.
  • Please keep out of reach of children.
  • Please keep away from high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight.

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