DDS Richness Capsule Plus Serum 48pcs 日本DDS 小星星鲑鱼精华美容液


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RECORE SERUM DDS Richness Capsule Little Star Salmon Stem Cell Essence (330 mg x 48 Capsules)
1. The collagen production effect exceeding EGF improves wrinkles.
2. Promote the loss of hyaluronic acid at the bottom of the skin.
3. Powerful moisturizing and oil balancing effect.
4. Retract skin hair and improve rough skin, and it will be silky instantly when applied.
5. Quickly improve eye and forehead wrinkles and acne problems.

How to use: 
Step 1: Clean skin, remove make-up and use cleanser. Can use additional toner.

Step 2: Take 1 bustling tablet for daily use. Dab the serum on the points and massage gently to let the serum fully penetrate deep inside.

Step 3: You should use more moisturizer to effectively lock in moisture.

You can take 1-2 capsules per day depending on your needs and skin.

Store in a dry place, avoid high temperature.


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