DEARPACKER Smart Solution Mask Series (1pc) 智能护理面膜


Soft, less irritation and excellent adhesion to skin 'very soft Second Skin sheet'

Emergency & intensive skin care prescribed for various skin troubles.

The 'Second Skin Sheet', a smooth and soft feeling like my skin, gently wraps around the skin and gives it a richer feeling of hydration.

As the highly concentrated essence is absorbed into the skin, it gives a 'skinfit effect' that gently tighten the face line by the shrinkage phenomenon unique to the fabric.


Provides moisture and nutrition to tired skin for moisture-intensive care for smooth skin texture.

Contains hyaluronic acid to supply plenty of moisture that is the basis of skin health and strengthens the moisturizing layer to protect the skin from the external environment.


Intensive supply nourishes care by giving radiant skin with rich nutrition and vitality to rough skin.

A mask containing plenty of nutrients containing goat milk extract makes the rough skin prone to healthy, shiny skin.



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