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[PRE-ORDER] DECORTE AQ Boosting Treatment Hair Serum [预售] 黛珂 AQ白檀护发修护损伤头皮按摩精华 200ml


DECORTE AQ Boosting Treatment Hair Serum

**PRE-ORDER items - estimated arrival time will be Late May** 

The answer is "introducing beauty serum" to your hair.
A hair serum born from the wisdom of dermatological research that penetrates and repairs the hair to its core.

Penetrates and repairs the hair to the core, smoothing it all the way to the ends. His water-based hair serum is used as an introductory serum for the hair and before treatments . A hair serum for special care that penetrates into damaged hair with luxurious moisture to repair damage caused by dryness, coloring, friction, etc. Finishes with high-quality, smooth hair that stays moisturized all the way to the ends.

How to Use

  • Please use 2 to 3 times a week.
  • After shampooing, lightly drain the water and apply 1-2 pumps directly to the damaged areas and let it absorb. (A guideline is 4 pumps for medium-length hair. If you are concerned about damage, please add more depending on the condition of your hair.)
  •  Leave it on for about 10 seconds, then apply your usual conditioner or treatment without rinsing . Please repeat.
  • Rinse after this.
    *If you wish to finish using this product, please rinse without applying conditioner or treatment.
*Made in Japan

黛珂 AQ白檀护发修护损伤头皮按摩精华



渗透并修复头发至核心,从头到尾抚平头发。 他的水基护发精华素用作头发的入门精华素和治疗前的精华素。 一种用于特殊护理的护发精华素,以丰富的水分渗透到受损的头发中,修复因干燥、染色、摩擦等造成的损伤。打造高品质、光滑的头发,从头到尾保持滋润。


  • 请每周使用2~3次。
  • 洗发后,轻轻沥干水,然后按1-2泵直接涂抹在受损部位,让其吸收。 (中等长度的头发的指导值为 4 泵。如果您担心损坏,请根据您的头发状况添加更多。)
  • 保持约10 秒,然后使用常用的护发素或护理产品,无需冲洗。 请重复。
  • 此后冲洗。




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