Cosme Decorte 黛珂

DECORTE VITA DE REVE Herbal Vitalizing Lotion 300/150ML 黛珂 紫苏水/高机能化妆水


Infused with selected oriental herbs for purifying and revitalizing skin. A moisturizing lotion that tones skin to provide luminosity with a refreshing sensation. Refines skin texture and protects from dryness for a smooth, supple complexion.

Vita De Reve Herbal Vitalizing Lotion can sooth your skin to reduce irritation created by season change and environmental pollution. It solves the problem of skin dullness, sebum over secretion, large pores and dryness. The formula contains four herbal extract which are anti-oxidizing, anti-bacterial and can promoting skin metabolism to restore the skin condition. The texture is fresh and watery which can quickly penetrate into the skin. After usage, your skin will become smooth and clear. The whole skin quality will be upgraded.

How to use: Apply after washing your face. Get 2-3 drops on the hand. Smear it on your face gently. Pat with fingers to help absorption.


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