DÉRIZUM ADVANCED Rich Moist Gel Cream 90ml 日本朵莉姿敏富勒烯焕活补水啫喱面霜 90ml


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Product Feature:

Multi functional gel cream formulated for even the most sensitive skin focusing on skin beautifying good bacteria for improving and creating a healthy skin environment for real results.

  • Focuses on aquaporin, which are known as water channels or pathway for moisture. Penetrates deep up to 3 layers of stratum corneum cells for quicker and more effective hydration
  • Three key ingredient Triple Aquaporin, Plant Stem Cell Extract and Plant Ceramide helps fill in gaps in the cells with moisture to regain firmness, elasticity and repair sensitive skin
  • Reconstructs aquaporins which deteriorates with age. Delivers moisture to the skin from inside and out
  • Strengthens and enhances skin barrier functions
  • Supports skin's flora environment with yeast-derived extract and plant-derived lactic acid bacteria to provide nutrient to the good bacteria preventing skin flareups
  • Lemon grass, pomegranate and Jiaogulan hydrates gaps between cells
  • Provides anti-aging care with  Stem Cell Extract, Fullerene and Argireline™ which is said to be the skin care equivalent of Botox™
  • Amino acids, Ceramide, Natural Moisturizing Factor(NMF) and Hyaluronic acid NA support skin's vital structure
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free from fragrance, dyes, alcohol, mineral oil and parabens


富含Triple Aquaporin, 植物干细胞提取物,植物神经酰胺,氨基酸,透明质酸等高效护肤成分,从皮脂膜到角质层,精准补水维护肌肤屏障,还原柔嫩细滑健康肌。


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