DHC Lip Balm Limited Color 1.5g [2 colors] DHC护唇膏 20周年纪念限量版


DHC's conditioning lip balm provides long-lasting moisture for luscious-looking lips. Blended with skin-softening botanical extracts, it glides on smoothly to instantly hydrate your lips, keeping them soft and dewy. Can be used as a primer or over lip makeup for added gloss. Enriched with Vitamin E to combat wrinkles, aloe to soothe skin, and olive oil to neutralize free radicals.

Essentials for lip care! In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of being loved by many people over generations, a limited edition color has appeared ♪ Colorful pink and blue packages are very fresh. It seems that the inside of the porch is gorgeously colored.

The lips are the most delicate part of our bodies because they have little sebum secretion and are covered with a very thin mucous membrane.

  • “DHC medicinal lip balm” contains olive virgin oil and aloe extract as well as protective ingredients such as licorice derivatives and vitamin E.
  • It provides excellent moisture retention prevents dryness and gently protects lips.
  • Contains no fragrance, no coloring, paraben free and natural ingredients.

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