DHC Medicated Hand Cream 50g 日本DHC 药用浓厚保湿护手霜


DHC medicated hand cream "DHC medicated lip cream" and DHC medicated hand cream born as a hand care item of the same concept. Contains plant ingredients such as olive virgin oil and aloe extract which are excellent in moisturizing function to protect moisture, as a medicinal ingredient having the effect of preventing drying, rough skin, frostbite, cracks and chapping. As it feels like hand painting, it does not get sticky, it moistens moistly to your fingertips.

Concentrated moisturizing ingredients come protect both hands! Moisturizing and moisturizing!

  • Preventive drying, dehiscence, flexible double hands.
  • The first in the formula to be extracted.
  • Immediately used small amount, full and full moisture.
  • Unscented, no pigment, no preservatives, natural ingredients combination.

How To Use :

  • Directly in suitable doses for dry hands, uniform rubbing skin, and skin infiltration.

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