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DIANE BONHEUR Grasse Rose Treatment 黛丝恩 天然无硅保湿护发素 天然玫瑰味 550ml


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ダイアン ボヌール ダメージリペア

Repair damage with natural non-drying ingredients

Revitalizes coarse hair due to lack of moisture, damages from perming and coloring, and unwanted wavy textures. By nourishing the hair from deep within, soft and glossy hair becomes reality.

Authentic aroma from perfumery mecca, Grasse.

Rose de Mai, the rose born in Grasse, France. Only a gram can be extracted from 300 roses.

Good for:Dry hair caused due to lack of moisture/Damages from perming & coloring/Wavy textures

How to use:

  1. After shampooing, apply and gently massage conditioner into hair.
  2. Leave it on for 1-2 minutes and rinse off thoroughly with warm water.
  3. We recommend pairing with MOIST DIANE Bonheur Grasse Rose Shampoo

由于缺乏水分,烫发和着色造成的损害以及不需要的波浪纹理,使粗糙的头发恢复活力。 通过深层滋养头发,柔软有光泽的头发成为现实。

Rose de Mai,出生于法国格拉斯的玫瑰。 只有一克可以从300朵玫瑰中提取出来。


    1. 洗发后,轻轻按摩护发素到头发上。
    2. 保持1-2分钟,然后用温水彻底冲洗干净。
    3. 我们建议搭配MOIST DIANE Bonheur Grasse玫瑰洗发露

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