DIANE BONHEUR Orange Flower Shampoo 天然无硅保湿洗发水 天然橙花味 500ml


Plants empower the hair and scalp to realize naturally glossy hair

Minimizes frizziness caused by dryness, and leads to naturally glossy hair that fingers can run through smoothly. Shampooing readies the hair and scalp for achieving beauty.

Orange Flower

The scent of orange flower is soft and eloquent, with a hint of noble air that refreshes the mind of body.

Good for:Dry Scalp/Lack of Luster/Coarse Texture

How to use:

  1. Gently wash away dirt and sebum from scalp with lukewarm water.
  2. Dispense shampoo on your hand and use the ball of your fingers to massage scalp in small circular motions from above the ears.
  3. Cover your entire scalp with the bouncy lather and leave it on for few minutes. Rich bouncy foam absorbs dirt and sebum from scalp for a refreshing and soothing wash.


最大限度地减少干燥引起的卷曲,并导致手指可以顺利穿过的自然光泽的头发。 洗头让头发和头皮更加美丽。




    1. 用温水轻轻洗去头皮上的污垢和皮脂。
    2. 将洗发水分配到手上,用手指按摩耳朵上方的小圆形运动按摩头皮。
    3. 用弹性泡沫覆盖整个头皮,并保持几分钟。 丰富的弹性泡沫可吸收头皮上的污垢和皮脂,带来清爽舒缓的洗涤效果。


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