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DIANE Perfect Beauty Dry Shampoo (Fresh Mango & Musk) 黛丝恩 致美零粉感隐形干洗发喷雾 (新鲜芒果&麝香) 95g


DIANE Perfect Beauty Dry Shampoo 

Refresh with a freshly washed feeling! It suppresses the stickiness caused by sweat and sebum, and keeps the styling soft and dry. Instantly tightens the skin with the refreshing feeling unique to aerosol, and you can feel the freshness of shampooing. 

  • For those who are concerned about stickiness in the evening/for refreshment after sports or after sweating/for those who want to maintain glossy and smooth styling
  • Contains microparticle powder that absorbs sebum and stickiness

How to Use

  1. Shake the container up and down well before using. 
  2. Separate the hair into small sections. Direct the bottle about 15-20 cm away from the hair and spray an appropriate amount toward the scalp and the roots.
  3.  Blend with your fingers so that it spreads over the entire scalp area. Use your fingers or a brush to style your hair.

*Made in Japan

黛丝恩 致美零粉感隐形干洗发喷雾

3秒复活,不需水洗, 头发立即洁净,并提升头发蓬松感

• 无需水即可立即清洁头发

• 能快速吸附油脂、脏污,超细粉雾不残留、不结块

• 非常适合放在小包、长途飞行或办公室抽屉里,几分钟内即可吸收油脂和其他杂质,无需用水即可使头发轻盈蓬松

• 抑制异味,解决头皮出油出汗问题

• 一喷控油,让发根恢复蓬松,宛如刚洗过头发

• 适用于任何发质,特别推荐给运动后、从事户外活动后、通勤族、新手妈妈等,无法立即洗头但需去除头皮汗水、油脂者

•多种天然成份提取物,沙丁鱼叶提取物、柠檬草叶/茎提取物、鼠尾草叶提取物、桉树叶提取物、苹果薄荷叶提取物,葡萄柚果实提取物, 坚果果实提取物, 苹果果实提取物






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