DOLLY MIX x Cinnam Plush Keychain日本DOLLY MIX x 三丽鸥 玉桂狗玩偶挂饰


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DOLLY MIX x Cinnam Milk Plush Keychain

Cinnam look adorable in the crown! Comes with a chain that doubles as a bag accessory.

Size: H14 x W19 x D8cm
Material: polyester fiber

Made in China

日本DOLLY MIX x 三丽鸥 玉桂狗玩偶挂饰

戴上皇冠的玉桂狗看起来很可爱! 附有可兼作包饰的球链。

尺寸:约H14 x W19 x D8cm

材质: 聚酯纤维
产地: 中国


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