Advanced formula + skin Brightening Serum for Clear and Brighter Complexion with a Healthy Glow

Advanced melanin care brightening serum with a-Bisbolol, helping to even out dark spots, age spots and freckles.
Optimized fusion of kojic acid and stabilized vitamin C makes your skin clear and brighter with a healthy glow.
Fast-absorbing and intensive hydrating serum for all skin types, giving smoother texture and long-lasting moisture.
Synergistic effect on brightening skin complexion if used with DONGSUNG RANNCE CREAM.


At night, after cleansing, evenly apply over face and neck or spot-treat areas of concern. Everyday use recommended at least for a month to eliminate pre-deposited melanin(Skin's natural regeneration cycle).

 <Proper use maximizes the effect of the product>

 • Peeling gel usage along with the cream will help to stimulate the effect by removing impurities and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.
 • Always use sunscreen to prevent formation of new melanin deposit.
 • Everyday use recommended at least for a month – One full skin regenerate cycle (approx. 28 days) is required in order to eliminate pre-deposited epidermal/dermal melanin.


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