Best Brightening Cream for All Skin Types [KFDA Approved]!
Natural skin brightening agents, a-Bisabolol & Kojic Acid, are well known for their Anti-Tyrosinase activity.

"Use after 10PM for the BEST Result~"

▶ Perfect melanin care brightening cream with a-bisabolol,
   lightening melasma, freckle, and blemish
▶ Moisturize and nourish dry skin, helping skin to maintain
   balanced hydration and nourishment levels
▶ Contains bee venom extracts, making skin brighter and clear
▶ Synergistic effect on brightening skin if used with professional skin care

 [ Proper use maximizes the effect of the product ]
 • Peeling gel usage along with the cream will help to stimulate the effect
   by removing impurities and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.
 • Always use sunscreen to prevent the formation of new melanin deposit.
 • Everyday use recommended at least for a month - One full skin regenerate
  cycle (approx. 28 days) is required in order to eliminate pre-deposited
  epidermal/dermal melanin.


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