Dongsung Yougreen 20% Urea Hand Cream 东星 Yougreen 20%尿素护手霜 50g


 Dongsung Yougreen 20% Urea Cream

Included 20% urea to soften cutin effectively and resist wrinkles
・Efficiently lock in moisture and prevent the loss of water from the stratum corneum of the hands
・For repair and care of dry hands and feet, barbed fingers, peeling hands and feet
・For repairing and caring for cracked and rough skin on hands, restoring smooth skin
・Reduce swelling and stop marks, prevent freezing and cracking
・Suitable for hands and feet
・Never add any fragrance, suitable for sensitive skin

Applies to:
Dry and rough hands and feet, cocoonosis, ichthyosis, senile xeroderma, peeling, keratinized and cracked pores...etc.

・消肿止痕, 防冻防裂





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