Dr. Arrivo 宙斯

Dr.Arrivo Zeus II (Athena Rose) + PE Golden Beauty The Serum 40ml 宙斯新款2代美容仪器 (带精华) 玫瑰粉

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Set includes: 

  • Instruction manual, AC adapter, special stand, beauty essence (Serum), guarantee card (2020) 

The latest model in the "Dr.Arrivo" series.
The patented "9-MFIP" has 16 different currents flowing from nine elements, which lead to firm skin while mixing intricately. ZeusⅡ has a new "RF" function that gently warms the skin with a high-frequency current of 200 kHz, promotes blood and lymph flow, and promotes metabolism.
With a 3D Movable Head that moves freely in all directions, it fits closely along the curve of the face without any gaps, and it uses a 24-karat gold element that has the highest affinity with the skin.

Dr.Arrivo ZeusⅡ(アテナローズ)

(Color: Athena Rose) 


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