Dr.FORHAIR Phyto Therapy Shampoo 500ml


Oily, dry, itchy and rash scalp? 

Balancing oil and water will normalize the scalp. 

8 Botanical oils included - 95% Natural derived ingredients - 0% Skin irritation ingredients - pH 5.0-6.0 mild formula

Dr.FORHAIR scalp and hair centre in New York, Beijing, and Seoul have solved a variety of hair and scalp troubles through our unique care programs. What you are holding now is the essence of our clinical experience and technology in a bottle that will surely satisfy you.

Scalp-friendly formula for all scalp types. 



  • Cleanse the hair. 
  • Reduces breakage and dry, brittle hair.
  • Optimised hair growth.
  • Offers moisture and ample nourishment to hair.
  • Keeps your hair feeling smooth all day.
  • Removes itchy scalp.

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