Dr.G R.E.D Blemish Clear Quick Soothing Pads 70 Pads/Box 韩国Dr.G 蒂迩肌 舒润修护补水柔肤水贴片 70片/盒


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Dr.G R.E.D Blemish Clear Quick Soothing Pads

Moisturizing soothing pads that instantly moisturize dry and sensitive skin. A sheet containing 89 percent Pennywort extract for deep soothing and hydration.

Key Features

▶ Quick Moisturizing : 89% Pennywort extract and 5-cica protect sensitive skin from heat and other external stimuli.

▶Instant Cooling: The essence-rich moisturizing clumping sheet has an instant cooling effect.

▶Soothing Pack: A soft, soothing pack made of natural fabrics that is gentle on sensitive skin.

How to Use

Place a sheet on the affected area, such as the cheeks or forehead.
After about 3-5 minutes, remove the sheet and rub in the remaining essence until it is absorbed into the skin.


韩国Dr.G 蒂迩肌 舒润修护补水柔肤水贴片

保湿舒缓贴,瞬间滋润干燥和敏感的皮肤。 一张含有89%的積雪草提取物的面膜,可深层舒缓和补水。


▶ 快速保湿 : 89%積雪草提取物和 5-cica 保护敏感皮肤免受热和其他外部刺激。




约 3-5 分钟后,取下面膜并揉搓剩余的精华液,直至其被皮肤吸收。



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